jstreams and strigi for KFileMetaInfo

Jos van den Oever jvdoever at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 12:34:46 BST 2006

2006/9/27, Dirk Mueller <mueller at kde.org>:
> On Wednesday, 27. September 2006 15:40, Jos van den Oever wrote:
> > The problem we're talking about is not mainly a problem for strigi. It
> > can just use the current KFMI (although i dont recommend it because
> > there are buggy plugins in there)
> Which ones are buggy? You realize that each crash in a KFMI is a serious
> security problem and that you should report those you found immediately?

Absolutely right. I'll put a comment online about how to find these
crashes with the plugin. Testing metadata parsing for strigi has been
tested really well, because it sees many different files and can parse
them all from the command line. This is great for unit testing. Simply
running dummyindexer or xmlindexer (both in strigi) will trigger the
crash problems that occur with kfilemetainfo. It's relatively easy to
make a dedicated program for scanning with only the kfilemetainfo

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