jstreams and strigi for KFileMetaInfo

Paulo Jorge Guedes Paulo.Guedes at artelecom.pt
Thu Sep 28 11:44:03 BST 2006


Just to let you know, I read a post about this interesting project,
which uses semantic indexing for searching (and uses Qt for the GUI):



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> On Wednesday 27 September 2006 13:01, Krzysztof Lichota wrote:
> > What you propose is KDE->Strigi->Strigi backends.
> > I propose KDE->Strigi KDE plugin->Strigi backends.
> > This way if using Strigi is not feasible, we can replace it with
> > for direct reading or plugin for superduper filesystem. More
> :)
> strigi can have a backend for SuperDuperFS as well. which is to say
> strigi -is- the plugin system. the risk here is relying on strigi, and
> that's
> only a risk because it's something we don't do now. i strongly suggest
> tie
> into strigi as it seems to be Ready Enough at this point and if we
rely on
> it, we'll pound on it and if we pound on it it'll mature even faster.
> van dan Oever is doing really good work with it and we certainly need
> something just like it.
> remember as well, that with strigi we can well end up with better
> of
> metadata than plugins that read off of files on disk such as
> that process data that appear as files (think email) or stream
> that
> can look inside of files on disk an analyze discreet chunks of data
> (think archive files).
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