objections to disallowing in-source builds in all KDE modules ?

Stephan Kulow coolo at kde.org
Thu Sep 28 10:40:49 BST 2006

Am Mittwoch, 27. September 2006 19:30 schrieb George Staikos:

>   While I think it's the technically nice thing to do, I also think that it
> again raises the barrier to KDE development.  I think the majority of
> software builds in-source, at least by default, and that people are used to
> this.  It's something to think about.

It never was a problem for me when glibc's or gdb's configure output
"please mkdir obj; cd obj; ../configure" instead of using ./configure - just 
one little step. And it's so much cleaner then :)

Greetings, Stephan

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