KListView and searching

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at chch.ox.ac.uk
Wed Sep 27 12:19:37 BST 2006

There are a number of bugs that occur with the behaviour of the selection in
KListView when some items are hidden by a KListViewSearchLine[1].

The two issues I have seen are:
* Choosing 'Select All' selects *all* items, including those hidden by the
* Selecting a range with Shift+Click selects hidden items too.

This is harmful, since if you then hit 'delete', hidden items are deleted.

I think the attached patch fixes the first issue, although the second issue
will be more tricky to fix. I have some questions:

* Is this the right approach to fixing the problem?
* Does it break BC? I'm reimplementing a virtual method from QListView, and
discussions on #kde-devel suggest that's OK, but I'm not a C++ guru.

If those are OK, I'll add apidox and clean up the indentation and commit.

Also, if anyone has any ideas how to fix the Shift+Click handling, do tell
(my guess is: install an event handler, in which we check for Shift
pressed. If it is, handle it correctly, if it isn't, pass it up to


1. 134361, 115800, 122218, 122158 - NB These have been fixed on an
app-by-app basis, but I think that KListView is the root cause
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