Authentication with NTLM proxy server

Robert Gruber rgruber at
Tue Sep 26 12:30:18 BST 2006


recently I've upgraded my KDE from KDE-3.4 to 3.5.4 (compiled from source). 
After updating I wasn't able to browse website with konqueror any more. The 
proxy server rejected all of my requests. But I was still able to use firefox 
for browsing.

Our proxy server uses NTLM for authentication.

When I pulled some tcpdumps I realized two differences between firefox and 
1) firefow always fills both, the NTLM response and the LanManager response, 
with the same key in the NTLMSSP_AUTH packet. konqueror only fills the NTLM 
2) konqueror doesn't send any flags in the NTLMSSP_AUTH packet. firefox does.

So I change the kntlm.cpp file a bit:

--- kntlm.cpp.orig      2006-09-26 13:05:06.000000000 +0200
+++ kntlm.cpp   2006-09-26 13:06:11.000000000 +0200
@@ -160,14 +160,14 @@ bool KNTLM::getAuth( QByteArray &auth, c

     if ( KFromToLittleEndian(ch->flags) & Negotiate_NTLM ) {
       response = getNTLMResponse( password, ch->challengeData );
-      addBuf( rbuf, ((Auth*)>ntResponse, response );
     } else {
       if ( !forceNTLM ) {
         response = getLMResponse( password, ch->challengeData );
-        addBuf( rbuf, ((Auth*)>lmResponse, response );
       } else
         return false;
+    addBuf( rbuf, ((Auth*)>ntResponse, response );
+    addBuf( rbuf, ((Auth*)>lmResponse, response );
 //  }
   if ( !dom.isEmpty() )
     addString( rbuf, ((Auth*)>domain, dom, unicode );

With this patch applied I'm now able to use konqueror to browse through the 

Can anybody with deeper insight please review this patch, and commit it if ok.

Cheers, Robert

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