Caching local time zone

David Jarvie lists at
Fri Sep 22 00:05:52 BST 2006

On Thursday 21 September 2006 22:53, Shaheed wrote:
>> > I'd first suggest rethinking the design. Say, a kded module (with the
>> > right kded startup phase, see kdebase/ksmserver/README) that does
>> > whatever initial checks needed, saves the current timezone to some config
>> > file and KTimeZone uses only that.
>> What should happen during startup if an application requests time zone
>> information before the kded module has run?
>How about an environment variable? If that made sense, it might be possible to 
>combine that with this idea for per-user TZ settings in KDE: 

Your proposal for per-user TZ settings sounds a good idea to me. But when an application asks for the local time zone, it is 
likely to be in the context of wanting to convert a date/time value to or from that zone. So even if the zone identity is 
readily available, it will still need all the KSystemTimeZones initialisation to run at that point. So the question remains as 
to what should happen if the request is made before the kded module runs.

David Jarvie.
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