(un)freeze for KDE 3.5.5 - updating KTouch?

Axel Bojer axelb at skolelinux.no
Mon Sep 18 14:31:22 BST 2006

Andreas Nicolai skrev:
> Hi there,
> I have a quick question about the feature freeze lift. I know this is 
> only for small changes, but since we enhanced  KDEEDU::KTouch quite a 
> bit in the last months, I was wondering whether I could still check in 
> those changes?
> Problem is that none of us is currently capable of porting KTouch 
> properly to KDE4 (to make it work in the trunk), however, the version 
> for KDE 3.5 works nicely. Still, the source tarball is currently only 
> available from KTouch's webpage and not checked in to SVN.
> Could we have an exception so that I could check in KTouch version 1.6.1 
> into SVN for the KDE 3.5.5 version?
> Andreas & Haavard (maintainers/developers KDEEDU::KTouch)
> --Andreas Nicolai                         anicolai at syr.edu
> PhD Candidate, M.A.M.E                  (315) 443-1099
> Syracuse University
> 151 Link Hall
> Syracuse, NY, 13244

Koncerning updates of Ktouch, I have made a new lesson file for Ktouch
for Norwegian because I did not like the first one all that much, and it
was too short and had little variartions in it. I added as many words
using only the 8 first letters (asdf-jklø) that I could find (but might
have missed some :-P).
Where can I send this file so that the developers could take a look at
it? (Concerning the later letters I think the standard lessons are OK).

Best rega

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