cmake 2.4.3 is required

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Tue Sep 12 22:04:51 BST 2006


so finally, right now CMake 2.4.3 is the required minimum version.

-handling of dependencies of generated files
-RPATH handling
-the shell wrapper scripts have been renamed from *.sh to *.shell (because 
otherwise kdelibs/ doesn't build with current versions ob OpenBSD make)
-KDELIBSUFF isn't set anymore in FindKDE4Internal.cmake, but only in
 kdelibs/COnfigureChecks.cmake, since it's used only in kdelibs/
-DQT_NO_STL has been removed.

If you experience any problems which might be related to these changes, let me 
know ASAP.

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