David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Sep 11 21:40:09 BST 2006

On Monday 11 September 2006 21:44, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> On Monday 11 September 2006 7:19 pm, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > >P.S. Perhaps temp location would be a good freedesktop addition?
> >
> > It's already standardised in FHS and, therefore, the LSB. In non-Linux
> > systems, /tmp is the de-facto standard. I don't know where MacOS X would
> > store them, though.
> If it is the standard why does KDE has some official kde tmp location?

Those standards are not incompatible, they in fact match.
The "tmp" resource in KDE is a symlink that points to /tmp/kde-$USER (on filesystems which support symlinks),
so the tmp resource in KDE is effectively in /tmp - just with some structure to avoid a big mess there.

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