kdepring what are the plans?

Goffioul Michael goffioul at imec.be
Mon Sep 11 11:24:14 BST 2006

> > Maybe I don't understand what you mean, but this is exactly what 
> > KPrintDialogPage is made for. It inherits from Qwidget and 
> it's up to 
> > the application to fill it with its own widgets.
> It is? Rereading the example and the api doc I don't see any 
> way to actually add widgets to the GUI.
> Oh, well, if you say it is, then that might just be that the 
> example is incomplete.

Indeed, the example does not tell you everything, that's why I used
dots (...). What you don't see is for instance the constructor of
ImageSettings, which would create the m_autofit QcheckBox and place
it within its layout. For clarity, I only kept the parts that were
KDEPrint-specific and left out the widgets creation and layout. I
thought this was obvious.


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