kdepring what are the plans?

Goffioul Michael goffioul at imec.be
Mon Sep 11 09:13:50 BST 2006

> > shortly I will want to add printing support back into 
> KWord. Using as 
> > much of Qt4s QPrinter capabilities as I can.
> >
> > Looking in the API docs for kdeprint I note that QPrinter 
> is not used 
> > there and there is no support for printing to PDF in 
> KPrinter. So this 
> > confuses me a bit on how to proceed.
> Yes. By design of Michael Goffioul, KPrinter _has_a_ QPrinter 
> and not _is_a_ QPrinter. I asked Michael for the reasons but 
> he doesn't seem to remember.
> It is part of my plan of reworking KPrinter (to be published 
> shortly) to get input from some willing panel of fellow 
> developers as of which approach would be better. 
> I personally also tend to make KPrinter _is_a_ QPrinter.

Indeed, this would be better. However, at the time I wrote Kprinter
the Qprinter class was much less flexible and overloadable (very few
virtual functions). In the end, it was easier to create a new class from
with the same interface, than trying to inherit from Qprinter. This was
a few
years ago, I'm sure current Qprinter class is perfectly suited for
direct inheritance.


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