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Sun Sep 10 16:43:16 BST 2006

Jaison Lee wrote:
>For all these reasons, I think we should create a new very small class
>called KTemporaryFile that inherits from QTemporaryFile. It will be in
>charge of setting the desired tmp directory, as well as setting
>autoremove false (if we decide we want to keep that behaviour). It
>will also provide a good place to put equivalents of the textStream()
>and dataStream() functions which I think will be handy shortcuts and
>make porting a bit easier.
>My plan then would be:
>Step 1) Create KTemporaryFile and mark KTempFile deprecated.
>Step 2) Port all existing KTempFiles to KTemporaryFile.
>Step 3) Remove KTempFile.
>This will provide Will and I ample time to complete step 2, while
>making sure that the codebase remains able to be compiled.
>So how does this sound to everyone? Does this look like something
>worth doing? Any comments on my overall plan? Should KTemporaryFile
>still default autoRemove to false even though QTemporaryFile defaults
>true? (Personally I would say no; take the Qt default in this case.)

I don't know about the auto-remove default. It looks to me like it should 
auto-remove: my $KDETMP is filled with stale temporary files.

In any event, the directory makes it already a necessity to have a 
specialisation of KTemporaryFile, so I agree with your proposal.

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