Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Sun Sep 10 16:35:07 BST 2006

Le dimanche 10 septembre 2006 17:14, Jaison Lee a écrit :
> Step 1) Create KTemporaryFile and mark KTempFile deprecated.
> Step 2) Port all existing KTempFiles to KTemporaryFile.
> Step 3) Remove KTempFile.

Or step 3)  rename KTempFile to K3TempFile and move it into kde3support.

> So how does this sound to everyone? Does this look like something
> worth doing?

It's ok for me.

> Any comments on my overall plan? Should KTemporaryFile 
> still default autoRemove to false even though QTemporaryFile defaults
> true? (Personally I would say no; take the Qt default in this case.)

I have not strong opinion, but I think keeping the Qt behavior make sens.

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