next qt-copy update ?

Simon Hausmann hausmann at
Sat Sep 9 09:55:21 BST 2006

On Saturday 9. September 2006 10:24, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> Hi,
> now that Qt 4.2 RC1 is out, when is the next update to qt-copy scheduled ?
> (I don't want to recompile Qt today just to notice tomorrow I have to do it
> again)

We recently renamed the QtDBus commandline tools (dbus -> qdbus, 
dbusxml2cpp -> qdbusxml2cpp, etc.), so if we do an update to the latest 
snapshot then we should do it on monday along with the FindQt4.cmake 
adjustment. Oh, and there also some renamings of properties that are new in 
4.2 (they accidentially had an -Enabled suffix in the name).

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