input methods and OSX (Qt bug? Or kkeyserver bug?)

Benjamin Reed rangerrick at
Fri Sep 8 02:45:22 BST 2006

It looks like non-US input seems to work just fine for most languages,
but anything that uses an input method rather than unicode/roman
characters silently does nothing.

I don't know enough of how Qt interacts with the OSX input methods
(nor enough about input methods in general) to have any idea how to
start debugging this.  Do you have any ideas where to start, or any
insights into what should be checked?

If you'd like to see what I mean, I've got pre-made 10.4 binaries at:

I've tried using kwrite and I spot checked it with various languages
(even arabic works, with right-to-left input) but chinese, japanese,
korean, and probably anything else with an input method doesn't work.

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