Adding ThreadWeaver libraries to kdelibs

Jaison Lee lee.jaison at
Wed Sep 6 16:53:54 BST 2006

On 9/6/06, Frans Englich <englich at> wrote:
> Has it had an EBN check?

EBN doesn't check kdenonbeta, but I ran a local test and it did very well.

The headers have a sort-of wierd format that is making the license and
copyright checks angry but I can fix the checks. There were a few
legitimate hits in the Examples and WeaverGui for files that do not
have license/copyright info in the headers.

Other than that there are very few problems with all other checks
except for the pass-by-value check which I don't have my work box set
up to run. Remaining hits are pasted below (ignore the
queueing/queuing spellcheck; there's enough controversy over the
correct spelling that it should probably be removed from the spell

8. Check for C++ ctors that should be declared 'explicit'...  OOPS! 3
issues found!
        ./Weaver/StateImplementation.h: line#33 (1)
        ./Examples/SMIV/SMIV.h: line#37 (1)
        ./Examples/SMIV/QImageLoaderJob.h: line#40 (1)
        Make all C++ class constructors that can be used with only one
        required argument 'explicit' to minimize wrong use of the class. Do
        this to avoid mistaken implicit constructor ambiguities. Copy
        constructors should not be explict.

11. Check for assignments to QString::null...  OOPS! 1 issue found!
        ./Examples/SMIV/SMIVItem.h: line#38 (1)
        Do not assign QString::null to a QString.  Instead use the .clear()
        method.  For example, "str = QString::null" becomes "str.clear()".
        When returning an empty string from a method use "return

14. Check for spelling errors...  OOPS! 21 issues found!
        ./Tests/QueueTests.h: line#1[queueing] (1)
        ./Weaver/WeaverImpl.cpp: line#166[queueing] (1)
        ./Weaver/QueuePolicy.h: line#8[queueing],11[queueing] (2)
        ./Weaver/WeaverInterface.h: line#123[queueing],157[queueing] (2)
        ./Weaver/DependencyPolicy.cpp: line#79[occurence] (1)
        ./Weaver/ThreadWeaver.cpp: line#122[transfering],195[queueing] (2)
        ./Weaver/JobCollection.cpp: line#198[queueing] (1)
        ./Examples/SMIV/QImageLoaderJob.h: line#43[occured] (1)
        ./Examples/Construction/Construction.cpp: line#3[queueing] (1)
        ./Action/Action.h: line#82[commited],108[guarenteed] (2)
        ./Action/JobsListPolicy.h: line#29[queueing] (1)
        Spelling errors in comments and strings should be fixed as they may
        show up later in API documentation, handbooks, etc.  Misspelled
        strings make the translator's job harder. Please use US English.

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