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Mon Sep 4 16:51:11 BST 2006

Tom Browder wrote:

> Philip Rodrigues wrote:
> ...
>> We haven't been using Jade in the main documentation toolchain for years,
>> so I'm surprised it's still around in the KMyMoney docs. I have a
> I agree, jade is not the way to go.
>> mostly-working method of generating PDF versions of the docs, although
>> it's choking on KMyMoney at the moment. If I get it working, I'll post a
>> link to the PDF for you.
> Philip, I just found a msg from you to the developer at db2latex from mid
> 2005--did anyone ever respond?

No, sadly - the db2latex developers seem to have dropped off the face of the
earth, but, wait, there's good news...
> I've looked into the docbook (xsl) => pdf thing several times over the
> years and still believe the best method is not to reinvent the wheel but
> use Professor Knuth's wonderful TeX for the actual typesetting.  That
> means translation of docbook eventually into TeX (or LaTeX), then pdf. seems this is the best way to go. A maintained solution (which is what
I'm using) is dblatex ( which does precisely that.
LaTeX error reporting does make me want to tear out my hair sometimes

> Besides db2latex there is also a docbook (xsl) => ConTeXt (which is a set
> of macros on top of TeX; it is seriously maintained) => pdf system I'm
> looking into.

The maintainer of dblatex also makes dbcontext, and keeps trying to persuade
me to use it, although I haven't got round to trying to install ConTeXt

If you're interested in discussing this further, we should take it to
kde-doc-english at .

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