Change from Gregorian to Julian calendar in Qt 4.2

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Mon Sep 4 16:48:23 BST 2006

David Jarvie wrote:
>As for using the proleptic Julian calendar, I can't really see the sense
> in it (apart from avoiding the discontinuity between the proleptic
> Gregorian and the start of the Julian calendar). Wouldn't it be simpler
> to use the Gregorian calendar (proleptic or otherwise) throughout which
> would serve well for scientific purposes and require no more conversion
> than the Julian calendar would?

It wouldn't be proleptic for a good part of the dates available, since the 
Julian calendar was actually in use.

The other advantage of having the Julian calendar instead of the proleptic 
Gregorian is that the start date in QDate (JD 1) is actually January 1st, 
4713 BC -- instead of the previous November 24th, 4714 BC Gregorian.

>>Also note that QDate no longer accepts year 0: it counts now -3, -2,
>> -1, 1, 2, 3, 4, ...
>Which introduces an extra complication for anybody naively adding or
> subtracting years over the (non-existent) year 0 boundary.
>Altogether, I'm not convinced about the desirability of the change. But
> I'd like to hear from people who might actually use pre-1582 dates
> (e.g. Nicholas Goutte or Jason Harris).

Who are the only users I know of such a feature. I'll forward the comments 
to the Trolltech developer dealing with that.

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