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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Fri Sep 1 19:21:37 BST 2006

On Friday 01 September 2006 11:45, Thomas Zander wrote:
> why do we have different Win/KDE shortcuts schemes if people want to
> change the KDE one based on Windows migration ?

i didn't suggest changing the KDE shortcuts schemes; i suggested auditing the 
use of Ctrl-Y in application use before putting it in the Windows scheme 
since there's no point in putting Ctrl-Y in a scheme that will likely be 
widely used if it just makes conflicts in apps (which would be a very subpar 
performance from the user's perspective). upon doing that audit, it seems 
that very few apps use Ctrl-Y in a useful manner and that there are still 13 
or so letters up for grabs.

anyways ... as to the difference of schemes between windows-style and 
kde-style it seems to have a lot more to do with desktop and windowing 
keyboard shortcuts than application shortcuts.

i count a few differences between the kde and windows keyboard shortcuts: F10 
for context menus, Ctrl-D for bookmarks and Alt+F4 for File->Quit. that's not 
many (though probably nice for those used to the windows keys); the actual 
differences are in the windowing and desktop shortcuts which are pretty 

> And its not just some people that are considering this, but actually
> people that do have the power to ignore application developers

power, ignoring people or application developers are not players here.
trying to figure out what works well for users is.
let's not try and light a fire that doesn't exist.

> and known 
> usability practice (by not following the 'you are not your user') and
> just go ahead and do it.

i don't use Ctrl-Y. i do realize that many of my users do. and that the bulk 
of my future users will also be used to that. Simon brought it up and so i 
thought about it: does Simon represent our users more than i do? what are our 
users like?

i dunno man ...

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