Adding Kate Session Menu to kdeaddons 3.5.6

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Sat Oct 28 22:08:55 BST 2006

Anders Lund wrote:
>This is a request to add my small Kate Session Menu plug-in to the
> kdeaddons package in KDE 3.5.6 (or alternatively to kdebase/kate or
>The plug-in is a kicker menu containing all your Kate sessions, +
> options to create a new one, or start an anonymous one.
>The plug-in have been used by many on previous KDE 3.5 versions.
>The homepage is here:

Here's the checklist:

- it needs to be already in trunk - we already have lot of code that went 
only into KDE3.5.x and not trunk, no need to make this even worse

- it needs to be complete and ready - don't ask "I plan to develop this 
feature for 3.5.x, will it get in?"

- it needs to be well-tested - create a branch or a patch and have it 
tested by other people, or even make independent public releases 
(, in some distribution packages, whatever)

- it needs to respect other freezes - if no new i18n messages are allowed, 
no feature changing those is allowed either

- it needs to be committed no later than a month before the next release 
is tagged

- last and the most important: It must be posted to the mailing list for 
the SVN module (kde-core-devel for those without) and must be approved by 
the module's maintainer (TWG for those without)

Who approves this change?

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