[patch] K{Int|Double}Validator + new classes

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Thu Oct 26 13:03:33 BST 2006

On Thursday 26 October 2006 11:51, Jarosław Staniek wrote:

> Cleaned up a bit (e.g. use setBase() where reasonable); fixed indentation.

I like it, please commit. 

> Related proposals:
> 1. What about having KNumValidator<type> template where 'type' can be:
> long, ulong, qlonglong, qulonglong, etc? Especiall the long long types can
> be useful.

Yes, I agree. I've planned to look into this in time before 4.0 but haven't 
found time yet. 

> 2. KDecimalValidator - a validator that handles a pair of integers, so
> you'll get full precision, including control over decimal places.
> KFloatValidator is not precise in the practice (it's just a property of
> float type), and neither KDoubleValidator sometimes.

What do you mean by "full precision" ?


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