Old systems research, worthy starting points [Re: Proposing Tracker]

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Tue Oct 24 02:33:49 BST 2006

<quote who="Federico Mena Quintero">

> Defining "first-class objects" is very hard in GNOME's context, because we
> are not sure what kinds of objects we want to have, nor what kinds of
> actions we want to be able to perform among them.  It would be very
> productive to do some archaeology for the DataRover's APIs and history.

Palm OS research would be worthwhile for similar reasons. Both are old, but
*fascinating*. [Yeah, maddog gave me a Data Rover too. ;-)]

A great place to start, in terms of worthwhile 'objects' and 'actions' to
consider comes from the mantra: People, Events, Documents, Conversations,
Getting Laid.

- Jeff

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