A KSelectAction dedicated to QTextCodec selection ?

Michel Hermier michel.hermier at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 12:19:05 BST 2006

I noticed while preparing the changes locally, that I need one of my
local change for KSelectAction (well only a return change, but the
patch adds a little more).
So I delay the commit for now.

Can someone maintaining KSelectAction review the patch.
What changed with this patch:
- bool setCurrentAction(QAction *, DeselectionMode mode) should be
more safe, checking that the action really belongs to the action group
before activating the action. Also added an extra parameter with
default value to mimic the old behaviour. This extra parameter allow
to not deselect the previous action in case of falure to select the

- bool setCurrent* now use the new setCurrentAction instead of
reinventing the wheel.

Is it ok to commit ? and should I wait for monday ?

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