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Thu Oct 19 19:05:45 BST 2006

Carsten Niehaus wrote:
> Am Donnerstag 19 Oktober 2006 18:16 schrieb Sebastian Sauer:
>> Something like 1.5 years ago work on a framework to provide embedded
>> scripting for applications was started. Since that time the code
>> improved, growed, got ported, followed KISS and therefore got smaller,
>> got new bugs, new fixes and is finally near a shape where I guess other
>> applications outside of KOffice could start to profit from it.
> I wonder if it could be generalized enough so that pure Qt4 apps like
> Scribus could use it as well. In IRC the scribus folks showed a theoretic
> interest, at least.

It's on my TODO, but I fear, that currently it has a lower priority as e.g. 
get the kjsembed-integration 99.5% done since for kdelibs we are moving day 
by day to the deadline where things got phrozen. So, top prio is currently to 
get it in a as much "binary compatible ready" state as possible before the 
deadline arrives.
The reason why I wrote n weeks/months for the kjs/kjsembed integration is, 
that it's still, as everything of kdelibs, a moving target and therefore it's 
not that easy to provide any dates where things are done that are not direct 
related to the kdelibs-freez date which is not known yet too.

I like what Jaroslaw sayed here about a "KDE-light" wrapper to prevent 
#ifdef's in the code itself. So, if it will be really the case, that there 
stays no time to work on a Qt-only mode next ~6 months, then (as Carsten 
suggested on irc :) there stays still the possiblity to get such a mode 
outside of kdelibs done and keep Kross in a phrozen kdelibs bc that way + 
offer a small layer around used KDE-dependencies.

p.s. sorry, for the case my replies don't integrate into a "Treeview" mode. I 
am not subscribed to the mailinglists but read+reply through gmane-news cause 
of my slow internet-connection and the missing motivation to download 
thausend of mails each day ;)

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