KSaveFile and KTempFile

Jaison Lee lee.jaison at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 03:24:50 BST 2006

I refactored KSaveFile to get it to work without KTempFile, which it
was previously somewhat entangled with via a "friend" relationship.
Since it was an involved change, I took the time to make it so
KSaveFile now derives from QFile, has better tests, new documentation,
and adheres to current indentation standards. It works the same way,
except that an explicit open() call is now required and close() is now
called finalize(). KDE4 porting info has been included in the normal
places and all code in trunk has been ported.

KTempFile has now been moved to K3TempFile in kde3support. Please use
KTemporaryFile instead.

If anyone finds problems with KSaveFile, K3TempFile, or KTemporaryFile
after this move please send me an email (I don't hang out on IRC so

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