Popular Keyboard shortcuts (Was: RFC: KDE4, KMix and a public Mixer API)

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Wed Oct 11 11:38:21 BST 2006

On Tuesday 10 October 2006 20:21, David Faure wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 October 2006 19:53, Christian Esken wrote:
> > My idea is rather that all of these applications do not hold the global
> > shortcuts at all. The shortcuts are instead held centrally (e.g. at
> > kmixd-Server)

 Ah, ok, I misunderstood then. I thought you wanted to add yet another place, 
but moving them to a separate kded module or something looks ok.

> Actually there were talks about a kded module that would handle -all-
> global shortcuts, since this is apparently the only way to make them work
> on Mac OS X anyway.

 The question is if that should be considered a proper solution or just a 
workaround for one platform. A central place could help with handling 
shortcuts when more than just one running application wants to use them, on 
the other hand I'd expect such system to be more complex and it also cannot 
guarantee proper ordering like XGrabKey (although our code currently doesn't 
do that either and that's why e.g. Alt+F2+<something typed very quickly> may 
not end up in minicli).

> (And such a redesign could also fix the current #include of cpp files hacks
> to make up the kcontrol module for global shortcuts; instead apps could
> install some files and the kded and kcontrol modules could read from that,
> for instance).

 I somehow doubt that the increased complexity would make up for just avoiding 
the few #includes.

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