Popular Keyboard shortcuts (Was: RFC: KDE4, KMix and a public Mixer API)

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Tue Oct 10 19:43:36 BST 2006

On Tuesday 10 October 2006 11:53, Christian Esken wrote:
> My idea is rather that all of these applications do not hold the global
> shortcuts at all. The shortcuts are instead held centrally (e.g. at
> kmixd-Server), and configured with any GUI of the users choice (KMix,
> PanelApplet, ...). After configuring the Shortcut informaton is transferred
> from GUI to the kmixd-Server via DBUS.

this will also make ISVs happy as we can then present one coherent, platform 
independent (inc KDE and GNOME) interface they can target.

this can get exposed via projects such as portland as well, and will make 
those people happier too no doubt.

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