KDE_ macros in kde_file.h

Jaison Lee lee.jaison at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 14:19:29 BST 2006

Fine. If there are reasons for this header then the REAL problem is
that it is not being used everywhere that it can be.

I'll try and change any occurrances of ::open, ::link, ::ftell,
::fseek, etc. to the KDE_ equivalents. At the very least, it will make
it easier to identify areas that are avoiding Qt mechanisms to work
with their io, and might help the mac/windows guys with porting.

I still think we are giving this header WAY too much visibility for
what it's doing. Outside of a VERY few classes in kdelibs I think
QFiles should be preferred over streams and handles in almost every
case. But, I bow to the masses.

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