Using scripting languages for KDE4 main modules

Krzysztof Lichota krzysiek at
Mon Oct 9 00:01:37 BST 2006

Thiago Macieira napisaƂ(a):
> Krzysztof Lichota wrote:
>> I think the biggest problem with Javascript is that if you want to do
>> something more than standard set of actions prepared by author of
>> scripting plugin for application (like open your own configuration
>> window, message box, run some DCOP command, etc.), then you must use
>> Qt/KDE binding and AFAIK there is no Qt binding for JavaScript. Or am I
>> missing something?
> You're missing the JavaScript binding :-)

Thanks for pointing it out :) I was not aware of that, the name
"kjsembed" does not suggest it is full binding.

> You get access to all Qt classes using it.

How about KDE classes? I don't see much code for it in
kdebindings/kjsembed/* directories. And all files are 12-14 months old,
so they don't seem to be complete for latest KDE version.

Is there any non-trivial application using this binding?

	Krzysztof Lichota

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