Using scripting languages for KDE4 main modules

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Tue Oct 3 17:17:16 BST 2006

On Tuesday 03 October 2006 17:03, Stephen Leaf wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 October 2006 10:46 am, Stephen Leaf wrote:
> > As for ruby, all of the examples I looked at made my head spin. I found I
> > almost had to read every line backwards in order to figure out what it
> > was trying to do. Those "simple" examples just made my head spin with the
> > "Why?" and "could they have possibly made this any more complex?" half of
> > them I couldn't even figure what they were doing even with the
> > description of what it did.
> I hate replying to my own but I wanted to insert this before anyone goes
> wtf? on me.
> I'm reading the website once again and it looks like they finally got some
> better documenters... the examples are MUCH! more readable now.
> before it was a bunch of
> square = square*square  while square < 1000
> which is why I said I had to read it backwards.
> wouldn't suprise me if they had a:
> square += 1 if square > 0 while square < 50
> that was a year or more ago.
> and I guess I'm not far enough in the document to find the other weird
> things they had before under "simple"
> Do they really expect you to use a special character like "»" or am I
> reading that wrong??
In Ruby you can define operator methods for the right and left shift 
operators '>>' and '<<', but I don't exactly know what you mean by "»" .

If you want to learn the finer points of ruby please join the #kde-ruby irc 
channel and there will be friendly people there who are only too happy to 
help you out.

There are enough Python and Ruby programmers in the KDE community to make any 
discussion by beginners of the relative merits of each language on this list 
pointless (ie I don't care if you're having trouble learning Ruby as it isn't 
relevant to this discussion). Sorry. 

What we should be trying to do is to encourage people to experiment with 
JavaScript, Ruby, Python and other languages in a positive way. If someone 
comes up with great scheme lisp bindings or whatever and a bunch of 
enthusiastic people, we should encourage them too.

-- Richard

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