CMake 2.4.5 RC 2

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at
Thu Nov 30 19:37:36 GMT 2006


Due to some serious bugs in 2.4.4, I have created a 2.4.5 release
candidate 2 (1 did not even get announced).

You can find the files here:

(Just sort by Last modified to get all the RC-2 files to the top)

Please let me know if you find any problems with 2.4.5-RC-2.
If this looks good, I will make the 2.4.5 in a few days and
the RC-2 will be deleted.



The only changes from 2.4.4 are as follows:

Changes in CMake 2.4.5
* Fix problem with LIBRARY_OUTPUT_PATH and linking to a dll foo.dll.lib
  instead of foo.lib

* Do not depend on optimized libraries for a debug build and visa versa.

* Fix target name matching custom command output conflict.

* Fix FindQt3 so that it does not find qt4

* Fix FindKDE4 so that it only looks for kde4-config

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