Building problems in trunk/kdebase

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue Nov 28 17:55:29 GMT 2006


seems today is not my lucky day. First I had compilation problems in
workspace/kcontrol/input. For some reason the buildsystem thought I
would've libusb installed, while I didn't (actually the library is
installed, but not the -dev package), thus compilation of the
logitechmouse support failed due to missing headers.

Ok, as I have no idea how to fix that, I installed libusb-dev and reran
cmake. Next stop is in workspace/kcheckpass which thinks I have
pam-development packages installed. But I don't.

So now I'm sending this mail, asking what could be wrong. I did an
svn-up today around noon (CET) and on the weekend cmake 2.4.4 was
installed here.

If this is more apropriate on the build-system list, I'll move it over,
but I'm currently not subscribed there and thought I'd first start here.


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