FindQCA2.cmake changes

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Thu Nov 30 00:01:49 GMT 2006


On Thursday 30 November 2006 00:55, you wrote:
> This was done in the previous code, I only indented that part. and added
> the FIND_PATH. In the other file I saw, the FIND_PATH was not using
> NO_DEFAULT_PATH, so blindly copied it. Maybe we only simply have to
> remove the NO_DEFAULT_PATH for FIND_LIBRARY ? 
> it will try to search for no path (due to empty string) on win32 and then
> search the standard dirs ?

cmake always searches first in the default dirs and after that in the 
additional directories given. To change that order you have to call it first 
with NO_DEFAULT_PATH and then a second time with no extra paths and without 

> Speaking about that I saw some native linux path in some of the
> FIND_PATH calls (line /usr/include /usr/local_include), aren't they in
> the default path so we can remove them ?

Yes, since 2.4.something cmake automatically searches there, so they can be 
removed now.

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