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Tue Nov 28 13:52:25 GMT 2006

Sounds good.  Remember to check the kiosk settings for run permissions
though. ;-)

On 24/11/06, Bertrand Haut <bertrand.haut at brutele.be> wrote:
> Hi,
> >some times ago there was an implementation for KPDF which allows to
> >execute an application which is specified in the PDF document.
> >
> >The implementation was criticized by some developers because of security
> >concerns.
> I unearth this old thread
> http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-core-devel&m=110470798901386&w=2
> in the hope that this very usefull feature may comeback in kpdf.
> Apparently the main issue was the potential security problem and the fact that
> some users which don't read/understand the popup dialogs must be protected. I
> think a simple way to tacke this problem is the following:
> - By default the execution of external link is not allowed and a dialog warn
> the user that the command is not executed (like now).
> - The user can activate an option deep in the menus (something like
> Settings->configure kpdf->Security) where the potential security problem is
> clearly stated. When this option is checked, each time the user click on a
> link, a confirmation box with the command is presented to the user.
> With this scheme, the basic users never see a question so they can't make a
> big mistake. Since this feature is seldom used, there is no reason for the
> distributions to change the default settings.
> This feature is, in some case, very usefull. I'm currently building a
> presentation and, at the middle of the presentation, I want to launch a
> simulation to illustrate what I'm saying. I'm unable to use kpdf to make my
> presentation. The only way to operate is to use the old xpdf.
> In the hope to see back this feature,
> --
> Bertrand Haut
> ICQ:48978874

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