Problem with keeping persistent Konqueror window

David Faure faure at
Mon Nov 20 14:35:45 GMT 2006

On Mon Nov 20 2006, Krzysztof Lichota wrote:
> OK, I think I am starting to understand :)
> If there is preloaded instance, it is used when creating new Konqueror
> window.
> If there is no preloaded instance, it looks for instance which contains
> only safe parts (iconview, listview and other folder viewsm by default).
> If it is found, it is used to spawn new window, not new process.
> Am I right? :)
I think so.

> Now the simple question: how should I call Konqueror to make it use this
> magic? :)
> a) /usr/bin/konqueror
> b) kfmclient exec URL
> c) dcop konqInstance KonquerorIface openBrowserWindow() URL
Better use d) kfmclient openURL URL
Not sure b) has this logic too (but you can easily check ;)

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