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On Saturday 18 November 2006 14:22, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> On Thursday 16 November 2006 20:47, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > On Tuesday 14 November 2006 4:22, Eike Hein wrote:
> > > At the center of which lies the question wether we,
> > > the KDE project, are developing kdelibs only to write
> > > applications for the KDE desktop, or if we're willing
> > > to incur the overhead of developing kdelibs as a plat-
> > > form for cross-desktop, cross-platform development.
> >
> > i'm personally not interested in working on win/mac issues.
> How about Gnome? Gnome doesn't behave the save as KDE for window titles.  
> Do they matter?

GNOME also switched the button order on dialogs[1]. i don't see evidence that 
their focus is on desktop consistency where "desktop" is defined as having a 
larger scope than "GNOME/Gtk" so i'm not sure there's a lot of point in 
chasing their tail around on these specific issues until that changes.

i am interested in issues. (i tried a few years ago to bring 
interface guidelines up to level and there wasn't the 
appetite for it. so be it.)

ad-hoc chasing of various X11 environments is a recipe for odd code paths and 
mid-stream changes. if we have some standards on the platform, fine.

that said, i still see the usability advantage of the app titles in the 
windows and think it would be a net loss for changing that.  we are competing 
for the workspace on X11 (and i mean that in a positive, non-agreesive 
fashion). it's worth asking which is more important: blending in on other X11 
workspaces or making ours the best possible.

that such a question occurs to me underscores how i don't see our presence on 
win/mac quite the same as i do on X11

[1] yes, we both have patched our desktops so this is now configurable as a 
work-around. i'm not sure the handling of that issue was our best moment in 
the free desktop efforts.

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