obsolete(?) code in KApplication::notify()

Reinhold Kainhofer reinhold at kainhofer.com
Fri Nov 17 17:05:29 GMT 2006

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Am Freitag, 17. November 2006 17:45 schrieb Andreas Hartmetz:
> Hi!
> While browsing kdelibs(4) to find use cases of KShortcut, I found some
> really wrong looking and undocumented code in KApplication::notify().
> To get you a quick impression, here is the beginning of the code in
> question:
>        static const KShortcut& _selectAll = KStdAccel::selectAll();
>           int key = kevent->key() | kevent->modifiers();
>           if (_selectAll.contains(key))
>           {
>              if (t == QEvent::KeyPress)
>              {
>                 edit->selectAll();
>                 return true;
>              }
>              else
>              {
>                 kevent->accept();
>              }
>           }
> ## snip ##
> Strangely, other widgets seem to get their events just fine without
> special hacks in KApplication.

Without looking at the codepathes, the "special hacks" seem to be needed to 
let the Q* widget use the KDE shortcuts form kcontrol. E.g. you can change 
the shortcut for "Select all" from Ctrl+A to something else. That code from 
above makes this possible. But then, I might be wrong, too.

Unfortunately, it seems that (at least in kde 3.5.5) changing the Shortcut 
for "Cut" does not seem to work in konqui's URL bar. Only Ctrl+X works, even 
though I changed that in kcontrol to something different.

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