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Thu Nov 16 19:47:30 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 14 November 2006 4:22, Eike Hein wrote:
> At the center of which lies the question wether we,
> the KDE project, are developing kdelibs only to write
> applications for the KDE desktop, or if we're willing
> to incur the overhead of developing kdelibs as a plat-
> form for cross-desktop, cross-platform development.

i'm personally not interested in working on win/mac issues. i'm probably not 
alone. for this new effort to work we need people not just making our code 
compile on win/mac but who are also making the necessary implementations for 
environment-specific features where necessary.

> asks for visible changes that compete with existing
> implementations geared towards the KDE conventions
> and best practices, we'll have to figure out ways to
> reconcile both fronts.

agreed. my personal preference is:

 - people with interest in win/mac need to do the work for those platforms
 - we all show preference for the KDE workspace, so if we can't accommodate 
everyone we ensure that we accommodate KDE

> To make it clear, my personal interest is in KDE as
> a free desktop ecosystem and in developing applica-
> tions targeted at that environment, 

mine as well.

> so I feel it's 
> important to approach such decisions aware of the
> possible implications for that agenda.


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