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Torsten Rahn torsten.rahn at credativ.de
Wed Nov 15 21:57:24 GMT 2006

Am Mittwoch, 15. November 2006 22:27 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:
> On Wednesday 15 November 2006 3:57, Torsten Rahn (KDE) wrote:
> a "basic desktop" is not the same thing as a "shippable desktop". we don't
> ship a finished product.

Well that touches the discussion again whether we just see ourselves as 
creators of the building bricks or if it's also our job to create a well done 
example configuration with sensible defaults. Both is important.

> so a "basic desktop" would be, imo, "the basic unit upon which one would
> build a useful desktop for a given set of users".


> not everyone does digital photography 

These days digital cameras are basically omnipresent due to their low price 
and their availability in cellphones. So while it might not be everyone it's 
certainly magnitudes more people who take a lot more photos than ever before. 

> and only a subset of those use a  software manager for their photos.

No doubts about that. But what will those users who want to just see their 
photos in a more "natural size" use to display those photos? Surely most of 
don't print all of their photos on paper anymore. 
 That's still a really huge percentage of users. And that's where Okular, 
Ligature and Digikam become relevant again.

> it's an outright rarity in office use. 
> so it's certainly not a "basic desktop" component in that sense then.
> more people may burn CDs, but then more people than that use word
> processors 

I'm not convinced that this is true. Although I estimate the usage of word 
processors pretty high there are still a lot of use cases for burning CDs 
(although the popularity of flash media / small harddisks has cut away quite 
some of them). 

> and some OSVs ship their own custom cd burning software with kde 
> rather than K3B. it's not an "indivisible part" of that thing we 


> i am, however, very concerned about document viewers (which includes pdf)
> because they are IMHO a part of that "basic desktop" and this too is
> reflected in the decisions made by packagers.

I share your concerns (including your more or less rethoric questions) 


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