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Hans Meine hans_meine at
Tue Nov 14 15:22:13 GMT 2006


In fact, having windows with just "File Open.." on Windoze systems has already 
bugged me several times.  (If you don't use them immediately, but later, 
there is indeed no visible indication of which program they belong to.) IMHO 
that's a bug.

On Tuesday, 14. November 2006 12:00, David Jarvie wrote:
> If KDE is a desktop environment, it doesn't matter whether it adheres to
> existing standards on OS X or Windows, because it will be used in place of
> the existing desktops on those platforms.

> On the other hand, if KDE 
> applications are to be run outside the KDE desktop, they presumably need to
> adhere to non-KDE conventions.
Agreed.  Show people the advantages of a KDE desktop, where you know which 
program wants you to choose a file. ;-)

The only disadvantage may be that people think: KDE (as a DE) is not so 
different, see: This KDE program is very similar to other Windows programs.  
But that's the price to pay for consistency I guess, which is a preliminary 
for a DE's usability IMHO.

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    /  / ANS

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