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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
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On Monday 13 November 2006 18:01, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> I wouldn't say that everybody lost in the CD burner debate. We had three
> applications at the time, not counting KOnCD. And a clear winner
> survived.

agreed. this sticky point is this:

is a universal viewer, or even just a viewer for PDFs, a requirement for a 
basic desktop? if so, we may not have the luxury of Solomon's Solution[1].

cd burning is not a hard requirement for a basic desktop. neither is digital 
camera software. so we have leeway to let time and circumstance settle things 
out there.

can we afford to let natural selection rule in a completely non-directed 
manner for things like calculators and document viewers? this isn't to say we 
discourage alternatives, but should we mark a set of "apps recommended by the 
KDE team for assembling a basic desktop environment" as such?

cons: it sometimes results in unmaintained applications, we may not always 
pick the best long term horse
pros: it makes things a -lot- simpler for our front-line users (power users, 
companies and OSVs) and lets us set requirements and standards for these apps

in the past i think we've gone way too far in the direction of including all 
sorts of stuff that while interesting simply doesn't belong on an average 
basic desktop (kpovmodeler is my fave example: really cool, really niche. =)

i keep asking myself where these lines exist. i don't yet have a good answer. 
maybe one of you do. there are some obvious inclusions, but it gets fuzzy at 
the edges for me still.

[1] well, actually solomon's solution was seeing who objected to sacrificing 
the baby.. but anyways... =)

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