Okular moving

Wilfried Huss Wilfried.Huss at gmx.at
Mon Nov 13 20:28:57 GMT 2006

Am Montag, 13. November 2006 20:36 schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
> A Dilluns 13 Novembre 2006 20:13, Wilfried Huss va escriure:
> > Am Sonntag, 12. November 2006 22:34 schrieb Pino Toscano:
> > > So, can we move okular to kdegraphics?
> >
> > So what would this mean for Ligature (formally known as Kviewshell)?
> Did you read any reference to Ligature/Kviewshell in Pino's mail?
> > If I remember correctly there has been made a decision, that no
> > applications that are duplicating functionality will be allowed in the
> > core modules. 
> I don't remember such strong decision although i agree some people has 
> expressed this opinion, but for me, in a world where not all solutions are 
> perfect, i prefer to have two quite good solutions so that in case one fails 
> maybe the other works.
> > And we are definitely not interested in moving Ligature to Extragear.
> This sentence is so wrong...

This sencence is not wrong. We are not interested in moving to Extragear.
Mainly because it is very convenient that we do not need to make releases
on our own, when we stay in kdegraphics. This has nothing to do with Okular.

> A) There is kpdf that is on kdegraphics in KDE 3.5. We rename it to okular and 
> put it on playground because all the other formats different than PDF were 
> not good enough. There is kviewshell that is on kdegraphics in KDE 3.5. You 
> rename it to Ligature and now claim that your project is there and can not be 
> replaced because "it was the first"? This is a quite weak argument in my 
> opinion.

I can not remember that I made such an argument at any time.

One and a half year ago I made the argument that it is silly to pay someone
money to recreate something that is already there. But nobody wanted to
hear this. If someone duplicates work in his spare time - fine, but paying for
it is just a waste of resources. Of course it was just money from Google, so it
was easy to spend.

> B) It is not you (nor me) who will decide if Ligature is going to be shipped 
> or not in kdegraphics in the case it is decided that only one of the two 
> programs can be on kdegraphics.

Look, in my mail I didn't object the move of okular to kdegraphics, I just
wanted some clarifications.

Wilfried Huss

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