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Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Mon Nov 13 16:08:54 GMT 2006


I think this is a good idea to keep the application name in the caption.
The more important is to be consistant inside KDE.
Being consistant with others is not a priorirty

Le lundi 13 novembre 2006 14:44, Benjamin Meyer a écrit :
> In KDE all windows unless overwritten have a title "caption - App Name". 
> This includes progress dialogs, color dialogs, message box, file dialogs
> etc.
> In OS X, Gnome, Qt, Firefox and Windows they only add the application name
> to primary windows that are handling documents.  For example opening a file
> in GEdit shows "Untitled - GEdit", but selecting File/Open has the title
> "Open Files..."
> I would like to propose that in KDE 4 our secondary windows wont
> automatically append the application name.  This will make us consistant
> with the other desktop enviornments.
> -Benjamin Meyer
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