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Pino Toscano toscano.pino at tiscali.it
Sun Nov 12 21:34:59 GMT 2006


as you might know, okular, the KPDF successor for KDE 4, is currently being 
developed in the graphics playground. Because of not worth porting efforts, 
KPDF was removed some time ago from kdegraphics. As okular is basically an 
improved version of KPDF with a different name, the okular team would like to 
move it to an high-level module (like kdegraphics).

Currently, okular is a quite usable KDE 4 application, that can read more or 
less perfectly various document formats (PDF, PS, DjVu, TIFF, DVI, and basic 
support for Xps and ODT).
We have an usability expert, Florian Graessle, that constantly analyzes okular 
from an usability point of view, suggesting usable solutions for the fitfalls 
he finds.
Furthermore, we started improving KPDF documentation to include okular new 
features. Not complete yet, but the new features are being described as soon 
as they get stable.
And, many people thinks okular would be a cool application for a KDE 4 
desktop ;)

So, can we move okular to kdegraphics?

Pino Toscano in name of the okular team
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