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Sun Nov 5 14:53:41 GMT 2006


I've been dedicating a little time to see what people expect from KDE4 and
see how code could change to reach this objectives. I found 2 pretty ideas
here, and they should be related with kdelibs. Without commenting the best
valuated one, that is in Kopete, interesting but can be considered later,
when all KDE4 is almost finished, these are the 2 interesting and possible
of coding today:

Suggests that all tasks could be merged into one window, or something that
inform about all windows. Well, from my point of view and since I know right
now, all this kind of operations are handled by a KJob object. So this way
we could create a static variable that takes in count all KJobs that are
active at this moment. The rest of the job would be easy, just creating a
widget that had the model/view/delegate, with its model a set of KJobs, and
the delegate that shows the thing as in the screenshot more or less.

This one seems interesting too, and I would suggest to fredrik if he could
do something like this for his really good delegate for konqueror. I have
seen his work is really good... but what about drawing like the idea in
kde-look ?

It could be interesting also to be able to change between delegates in
run-time, so the appearance would be totally different. We could improve
KDE4 a lot, since the user could select which delegate want for what... and
the appearance would be really customizable.

These are only ideas, but I would like to know what you think.... ;)

Rafael Fernández López.
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