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Cristian Tibirna wrote:
>But, most importantly, was DBUS audited with respect to the potential 64
> bit incompatibilities yet? (Although I would really hope the very
> design was based on sound understanding of the issues -- which I
> couldn't pretend I have, either).

The only problems we're currently having with 64-bit are related to 
the "lib64" prefix that some distributions insist on using for the 
system-default libraries, instead of plainly "lib". (I wonder if those 
distros use the nonsense lib/ia64l64 that Intel invented for IA-64)

Other problems I've seen reported on x86-64 are unrelated to 64-bitness.

>More practically, I looked at the need for a similar patch in the HEAD
> code on what bug 1366349 proposes for kde3. I couldn't realise by
> myself it such patch was indeed needed or not. Could somebody help by
> illuminating my ignorance?

Your patch was:
>-       input << info << i18n( "Authentication failed (user name=%1)"
> ).arg( info.username ) << 0 << req->seqNbr;
>+       input << info << i18n( "Authentication failed (user name=%1)"
> ).arg( info.username ) << 0L << (long int) req->seqNbr;

> if ( callingDcopClient()->call( "kded", "kpasswdserver",
> "queryAuthInfo(KIO::AuthInfo,QString,long int,long int)", params,
> replyType, reply ) )

As you can see from the signature in queryAuthInfo, the last two 
parameters are "long int". You were passing "int". That's why it wasn't 

On D-Bus, this would have generated an error on all platforms. For one 
thing, the dubious type "long" isn't present in QVariant, so you're 
forced to choose between int (always 32-bit) and qlonglong (always 

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