Cristian Tibirna tibirna at kde.org
Thu Nov 2 01:23:59 GMT 2006


The bug report https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=136649 brought to the 
forefront a question which I vaguely asked myself in the past (prompted by my 
daily non-kde work on parallel 32bit vs 64bit code).

This question is:
has there been investigation in the issues of DCOP communication on 64bits 
platforms? Given that an unexpectedly large percentage of Linux machines runs 
on 64bit platforms, and given the intricacies of common marshalling technique 
on diverging architectures, the answer would probably be positive. It remains 
that exhaustive testing is prohibitive. Did somebody give thought to the 
issue yet?

But, most importantly, was DBUS audited with respect to the potential 64 bit 
incompatibilities yet? (Although I would really hope the very design was 
based on sound understanding of the issues -- which I couldn't pretend I 
have, either).

More practically, I looked at the need for a similar patch in the HEAD code on 
what bug 1366349 proposes for kde3. I couldn't realise by myself it such 
patch was indeed needed or not. Could somebody help by illuminating my 

Thanks a lot

Cristian Tibirna
KDE developer .. tibirna at kde.org .. http://www.kde.org

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