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Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Wed Nov 1 13:12:22 GMT 2006

Hi guys,

Beautiful news !! (at least for me). I've finished rewriting this stuff:

* kdelibs/kutils/kpluginselector.cpp
* kdelibs/kutils/kpluginselector.h
* kdelibs/kutils/kpluginselector_p.h

All issues that happened on the old class have been fixed. I've improved the
user experience, through:

* The QTreeWidget will be resized if QSplitter resized
* The "Default" button works, I think it didn't work for me in the past
* No KTabWidget on the plugin list
* Instead of KTabWidget (we would force the user to more clicks to examine
all available plugins [one per category]), I've listed all available plugins
into the QTreeWidget, but separated by a visual separator (See snapshot).
With this improvement, the user can see all available plugins in one fast
* Dependencies have been improved this way:
     - If we check an item, we check its dependencies (this was in the old
class too)
     - If we uncheck an item, we uncheck all items that depends on that item
(new [was a FIXME])
* Visual separators can be expanded or collapsed to show or hide the plugins
that they contain.

For achieving all these goals, I had to start the class almost from scratch,
but the result is really pretty from my point of view.

You can check code and snapshots at

After contacting with #kde-usability at IRC, the category titles are aligned
at left, and have been fixed some issues with the focus.

Waiting for your comments ;)

Rafael Fernández López.
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