qt-dbus compilation problem

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Wed May 31 21:26:40 BST 2006

Thiago Macieira schrieb:
> Ralf Habacker wrote:
>>> qdbusinterface: All calls failed. That looks fishy, because the calls
>>> are routed locally. The call to introspection also failed, which
>>> explains why the signal test failed too. I'd have to debug this one to
>>> find out more.
>>> Ping::sendArrayOfArrays(hugebytearray) failed... I can understand that
>>> one, but it shouldn't fail just because it's transferring 16MB of
>>> data. I also don't see any reply messages being received, so it could
>>> be the server daemon that failed to relay the message back.
>> Would it help to have a log from the dbus-daemon for the tests ?  I can
>> provide it.
> If you can give me all the reads and writes the daemon does with full 
> contents, that would help immensely.
> On Linux, you'd do:
> strace -e read,writev -s 2048 -p $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_PID
On win32 strace isn't available in this manner, but dbus itself has 
debugging support printing all read's and writev's activated by 
DBUS_VERBOSE. As far as I remember there is also an option to print the 
content of the transfered data. I will take a look tomorrow and send you 
the results.


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