KSelectAction bugs

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Tue May 30 12:27:33 BST 2006

Not sure where to post this; but in KWord I noticed these issues (using 
the snapshot);

- doing a setItems(QStringList) on the action in response to a signal 
coming from that same action I get a crash.
Aaron looked into this briefly; but I'm not sure if that lead to a fix. 
issue was that clear() was called, deleting the action we are currently 
Doing a deleteLater instead failed to actually remove the action from the 
KSelectAction itself, leading to more and more entries in the combobox.

- the combobox on the toolbar does not work; it gets filled but changing 
it has no effect and changing the selected item in the action does not 
alter the combobox.

- connecting to SIGNAL( triggered( const QString & ) will give me the text 
as its in the menu, not the text of the action.  This has the effect that 
when kdelibs added shortcuts I get a '&foo' instead of a 'foo' passed.

Thomas Zander
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